This link just flashes. Why does it do this?

How can I open a certain page of the app using url params without it flashing like this?

Thats not expected, its something youve done wrong (i guess some kind of loop)
Or its a bug . so if you dont have any loops, you will need to report that here

Are the parameters made using a data variable (as opposed to page or app)?

It looks to me like a variable is refreshing a lot. The default logic on data variable Get Record can loop a bit. I had some issues in this area, and made sure I only get each variable once.

no the page loads fine when clicked to from the correct button in the app to go to the page. It only does this if you open a new tab and paste that link into the new tab (such as if someone shared a link to their story)

ohhhh you didnt mentioned that before,
That’s a known problem, where (especially if you use authentication), if you try to open a page other that the first page, it doesn’t work, its supposed to be solved in the next runtime versions

So has anybody figured out it we can make some logic which will forward them to the correct page after opening the first page?