Three inputs in a scrollview will not make it to build for android

Three inputs, one directly under another, will not make it to android build. displays in preview and displays on web, but not android build. the bottom one always gets erased in android build, whether i use primitives or pre-built component.

It works for me. Only 3 showing because the other one is hidden.


Is that in a vertical scroll view? If so, is it in a container within the scrollview?

Yes, plus a few other components.

Which runtime version are you using?

Oh, I see, they are within another container within the scroll view. Mine are directly inside the scrollview.

I put most things inside a container. There are a couple of issues this helped me get around. Now its just habit.

I placed them inside containers instead of directly in the scroll view and now they all show up. This is the solution, thank you. :pray:

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