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Hello, everyone! Hello and thanks @Mevi !

I use model of calendar that create in your great tutorial @Mevi
Tutorial video

I have next trubbles:

We have use PAGE VARIABLE - current time as NOW()
But this current time not universaly.

In Ukraine, Kyiv where I live - TIMEZONE need +3:00, and app Calendar get not correct current date for 3 hours (0a.m for 3 a.m).

If I change current time variable as function SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(), “Europe/Kiev”) I have correct current date for Ukraine but if my app open in other country we will have same problem I think.

And I have another problem this formula PAST DAYS (MOD(FLOOR(DATETIME_DIFFERENCE(SET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(pageVars.current_date, 1, “date”), “2022-01-03T00:00:00Z”, “days”, true)), 7)*14+"%")

Current date migrate for 3 hours and view Sunday for Monday date - its terrible error.

@Mevi please give me help for this situation.

Another problem. I set time view for main page app, this next formula to content:
** IF((GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “hour”) <10), (“0”+GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “hour”)),(GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “hour”)))**

IF((GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “minute”) <10), (“0”+GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “minute”)),(GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(),“Europe/Kiev”), “minute”)))

But if I use my app and view time page - my time is not change and translate same time for long period. How I can to translate current time if my app active?

Because I have correct time only one time, when open app first time.

Please help me ASAPstrong text

It’s part - find solution SOLUTION

@Harri_Sarsa1 @Mevi @Harri_Sarsa
In general, the problem was solved partially.
If you open the app and use it - everything works fine.
If you leave the app running in the background and return to it after a while, then the time remains the same as when you switch to the background and is not updated. How to solve this problem?
That is same problem on forum without resolve: IMP: iOS app stops executing LOGIC as customer returns after visiting another app

Add question for @Markus_R and @Mevi
How I can create indicate date (color or dot) as this Weekly calendar view - #2 by Markus_R

I create a notes for calendar date and how I can to add this info for selected date notes identification on calendar?

Hi! I am also trying to add a calendar to my app. Can you please explain to me how the page variable step works in more detail? I have all of the same logic setup and I added the page variables, but it says there is nothing to bind it to and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am a new composer so if anyone could help in any way I’d be so thankful!

@apstore hmm, so is your problem that all logic has stopped when you open app again, or that it continues off where it “left off” so to say? :thinking: