Timeline for SEO support for webapps built with AppGyver?

Timeline/ETA for SEO support for web apps built with AppGyver?
You need good SEO for pretty much any consumer-facing app and in many cases for enterprise apps too.

Hi @Mayu_R, SEO and accessibility improvements are on our backlog, but not on the immediate roadmap, so I cannot unfortunately give a timeline on this.

You can submit feature requests on the Tracker where others can also vote on them: Feature Requests | AppGyver

Can you give me a temporary workaround? which will deliver me at least a decent level of SEO?

Any update AG team? it is critical…AppGyver is hands down best NoCode tool but for Consumer facing websites SEO is life or death! Please support it on high priority…I cant stress it enough

As Appgyver is a tool for building web apps, in most cases You would need to have a static website to promote Your solution and a subdomain to host Your app. Look at some of the big names, Trello, Clockify, and many other web-based applications have their own introductory websites that handle most of the SEO, etc and then they have a subdomain app.trello.com or similar to open the app itself.

My idea is similar quora.com, where you want pretty much all pages listed in Search engine for ranking, meaning most data is public and for wider organic reach SEO is needed.

Well, quora is a different piece of cake. As far as I remember each question is either a separate page or a separate subfolder. Thus it is basically present in the sitemap and can be indexed by the search engines.
Personally, I have not yet figured out a way to create a page from within a web app built with Appgyver (though it might to be possible).
If You want to statically build all Your posts in Composer and build the app that way there is a good chance that search engines will crawl those pages as well. Though You should add a robotx.txt to the final build.

If, however, You want to allow users to create those posts and show it with the help of page and url parameters You might need to look more into topics like these: