Title component color as formula doesn't working

Hi everyone! When i set my title color as “#000000” it works. When i set my title color as formula

  • IF(pageVars.inBuilding_Tab==“yes”, “#6C7085”, “#000000”) it is not working, it returns me false value…

But paragraph component with this formula working. I don’t know why title component isn’t working.

Could anyone help?

Hi, were you able to get this working or is it still happening? :slight_smile:

it is still happening…

Hi, I can’t reproduce the issue, did a similar setup with a Title component and it works fine. Can you post a screenshot of the formula that you are using? Switching the inBuilding_Tab variable to true/false (unless it has several values) could also be a good idea, so you can just check IF(pageVars.inBuilding_Tab, ..., ...)

I solved this problem, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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