Toggle Like Button Using Firebase

Hey Gyvers,

I’ve been playing around with AppGyver for a few days and have been very impressed by what I’ve found here. I’ve worked with other no/low code tools, lates one FlutterFlow, and I found AppGyver relatively much easier and straightforward to use.

Here is a relatively simple functionality I am trying to create, and I am stuck. Hoping you guys can help me get unstuck.

TL,DR: I want to have a toggle-able like button when tapped adds the current firebase user’s id to a likes list of the post, and change the color of the icon. If the current user id already exists in the likes list, the tap will remove it and change the color of the icon.

Here is how far I gotten.

Condition to see if current user id exists in the list:

True condition: Remove current user id from list:

As you can see, AppGyver doesn’t care for either one of those formulas. What am I doing wrong?

IS_IN_ARRAY and REMOVE_ITEM work with lists, but flipprProjects1.likes seems to be an object.
In the data variable menu on the left, select the list instead.