Toggle List - All toggles change on single click

Testing a repeated toggle list, all toggles change simultaneously on a single click. This occurs even with past pages that were working properly. Removed all logic and it still occurs.

Hmm, what is your setup? My setup is as follows and tested to be working in 3.0.5 (iOS):

  • page variable repeatMe that is a List of Objects with two properties, id (text) and isOn (true/false)
  • toggle list component, repeated from repeatMe, toggle value set to current.isOn and label to id
  • on page mounted, repeatMe is set to be MAP(GENERATE_RANGE(0, 100), {id: STRING(item), isOn: false}) for testing purposes

With this, each toggle toggles individually. It sounds like in your setup you may have bound the toggle value to a single true/false type page variable, in which case every toggle changes on one click.