Toggle List Item - No Underline

In this screen-shot, how do I remove the underline from the toggle?
I looked in properties and style but don’t see how to do this.
It’s probably in the “Advanced” section but I haven’t played with any of those parameters yet.
Thanks, Mark.

You are using a Composite component, which is a combination of many Primitive components. Most Composite component properties can be edited only in isolation mode. You can enter the isolation mode by double-clicking the component on the Canvas. You can read more about Composite components here.

When you have opened the isolation mode go to Style tab on right sidebar and scroll to Border section. Open it and Width details inside it. There you should select a new binding value to the Bottom border. Just select “Component default value” which is the first item in the dropdown. (You can also set Border style to “none”.)


Hi Tomi
Appgyver just becomes more amazing each time I discover new capabilities.
Many thanks for your prompt response.
Regards, Mark.