Toggle switches not picking up self.value


I’m trying to pass the true/false value from a toggle into my API but encountering some errors.

I have the true/false value from in from the data variable displaying correctly via the toggle value field, however whenever I try to run a create record logic function on the event: Property ‘toggle value’ changed, the create record node / API call doesn’t fire. it will only fire the create record logic node on the events: component tap or component onChange.

When the create record logic node is triggered it will only pass a true value into the API and i’ve been unable to get it to pass false into the create record node.

I’ve tried binding the API record properties to the component properties > selected component’s property of output value > toggle value,
I’ve tried binding it to a formula > ‘self.value’ and neither will pass a false value into the API. I’m always getting true passed into the API,
i’ve tried using an IF logic node to pick the up the self.value and if true, true is hard coded to be passed to the API and if false to pass false into the API.

Nothing has worked. Screenshots below.

Can anyone advise where i’m going wrong?

Component properties binding

formula binding

IF logic node


Oh I also set an alert logic node after the events to show the self.value to see if the system is even picking up the self.value correctly and when I test this in the preview app, I get a Critical Error and the preview app shuts down.

It’s starting to feel like something isn’t working correctly here