Total Beginner Needing Help Creating Favorites Page

Hello, I am extremely new, but a quick learner. That being said, I’ve spent a while building my app, which is going fantastic, however, I am having one heck of a time figuring out the App Variable, Local Data, and the like.

I have a page that is a visual list of 31 things. Each One is a button with an image and title. Once you tap on one of these 31 buttons, you are directed to a page for that specific thing with information about it. There is a heart at the top of each of those pages. The idea is that once one of these hearts are tapped, a button like the one on the previous page will become visible on a “Favorites Page” and when the heart is tapped again, it is hidden from the Favorites Page. This being a Favorites Page, I would like the favorites page to stay the same when they come back.

I appreciate any help, I’ve spent days looking for videos, learning the lingo, and playing around trying to work it out. But honestly I’m not sure where to begin, I’m assuming I need a App Variable and some data or such. Maybe some recording actions? Please help lol It’s VERY appreciated!

There is a lot to know to do this feature : favorite.
Although the backend is airable, this video should answer some of your questions.