Trick to using Google Auth profile pic URLs?

Yeah for sure the problem is not with appgyver but with instagram, im just looking for a way to solve the problem, i think the only way is to encode it using an api to base64 so i can use the data that way

I doubt it’ll work if instagram’s API doesn’t give the images out, but good luck in your quest! I recommend trying to google if there are others who have done something similar with instagram’s API using other platforms / programming languages. If there are some working solutions, perhaps you can apply those to your case.

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Actually, from what i have found, instagram only blocks the request coming from appgyver (and other sites but not all), meaning that the image works fine in google or in other pages, for example using this site to encode the image in base 64, works fine

so maybe if i find an api to encode the image it will work,(which has proven very difficult to find) The last option is having a custom script in the app to do the encoding,(maybe the script will work different from the ready made base64 component and the urls wont get blocked) but again this has proven difficult because i know nothing from coding and javascript i will make a request so maybe someone can help.

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