Trigger components of another page?


I have Page 1 and Page 2.
How can I open Page 2 and trigger certain components of Page 2 after tapping on icon on Page 1?
And also set page variable of Page 2 to a certain value?

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Page variables are page-exclusive – meaning what happens on that page with that variable stays on that page unless pushed out with a backend API or stored to your device’s memory. However, you can use app variables (essentially, app-wide page variables) to triggers things in such a manner, if I’m not mistaken. For example, if you have two pages and make a Boolean (true/false) app variable, then bind a Boolean component (checkboxes, toggle switches, visibility, etc.) on each page to the app variable, switching one should affect the other for the duration of that user’s session. I don’t believe I’ve tried it with text, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. :slight_smile:

If you wish to store the app variable(s) indefinitely/permanently, you would need, either, 1. A backend to store the values, or 2. A method of committing the values to the device’s memory (assuming you’re building an app can be run offline, i.e. a note-taking app, etc.).

I hope that offers some insight and a place to start.

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Thanks for your comprehensive answer, it was really helpful!

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My pleasure, mate. :slight_smile:

hey so i am facing the same issue , the below is the flow of my data and page

  1. if I click on this 1st call button in catalog page , it should display me the contact details of database 1
  2. if I click on the 2nd button in catalog page , it should display contact details of 2nd database.

but its not behaving the same.

i have created two app variable variable2 and variable3 and used a set app variable node to navigate me to the next page where my conditional rendering is present

could plz check this out and tell me what i hv to change so that my contacts of each database is displayed

What are you setting to app variable variable2 that says variable2? Are you setting its value to itself, or something else? :sweat_smile: If something other than the app variable is being set to the app variable, please show further info. Sounds like perhaps you should use page parameters instead of app variables, see the onboarding video for navigating to another page Onboarding Part 2 - Logic & Flow functions - AppGyver

Ok i will look into it thank u :relaxed: