Trigger page reload at Component Tap

Hello I’m a newbie in composer and I was trying to understand events. How can I trigger a simple reload/refresh of the current page from the component button tap in the same page?

Hi Ludovico, welcome to the community!

In Composer you don’t really need to trigger the refresh or reload of a page manually, since the variable bindings take care of that for you.

For example, if you have a data variable (such as some news data from an API) set up, the “Delay” logic on the Logic canvas will ensure that it is refreshed automatically (by default every 500 ms, but you can also change this yourself).

Also the values of any variables bound to the value of another variable or a property of a component (for example the content of an input field) update immediately. Let’s say you have a text type page variable that is bound to the value of an input field, and a paragraph that is in turn bound to the text variable. When you write in the input box, the text in the paragraph changes in real time, so no refreshing is needed.

I hope this helped!

Thanks for the answer! But I wanted to purposely triggering a page reload/refresh by clicking a button and I was trying to understand the logic or get pointed to the right direction.

I hope is more clear.

Okay. :slight_smile: There is no ready made logic for refreshing the page, but in case you’re building a web app, you can use the Custom javascript node for that.

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I have a similar question, perhaps you can answer it.
I’m taking a course on React Native and learned that the <FlatList /> component has a function to refresh the list if we pull the screen up. Just like a normal cell phone. How can we achieve the same result?
I mean in Appgyver. I know how to do it in RN

Thanks! A simple bind with component tap and location.reload();

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