Triggering event in custom component - cannot Pick the Event from pulldown

Above is my custom Nav bar.
I have added my new event “ProfileTap” successfully.
When trying to add the logic to expose the event, I found an anomaly.

Initially I tried to add the trigger to the “profile-button” - but the pulldown for “Triggered event” was empty.
Luckily, I tried it on the outer cell and it was populated so I was able to continue. Triggering event from the Text also worked fine.

But using the actual “profile-button” WHICH IS ANOTHER COMPONENT would not work.

I guess if I was just using an icon (or simple button) here it would work (just like the text works), but making a prettier button requires some more unknown effort. I skipped it and just let the user click on the cell - which seems fine.
But I thought I’d report this to make sure this is correct behavior. It might throw off user users if they try only the icon button.

This image shows that the pulldown worked fine when adding the event to cell.

Hi, if I understand correctly, you should be able to just use the “Component tap” event of the profile-button component, no custom events needed.

If you want to create a custom event for the component, you have to trigger it from the template editor

And then receive it on the canvas outside the component: