Trouble getting Unfocus (blur) Input to hide keyboard

As soon as a user clicks a search button, we want to unfocus the text input so that the keyboard collapses and they have a clear view of the search results.

I’ve tried applying the blur to both the text input component and the input field component it is within. No luck though :frowning:

Anyone have better success with this node?

App #98690
Page: Invite to Group - Original

The Unfcous input flow function needs to target the actual Input primitive component (which is a bug, it should unfocus composites also), but you seem to be doing that… Which platform does the issue occur?

If we open the app via Preview, what are the steps to reach that page?

It occurs on both iOS and Android.

You have to set up an account which involves 5 pages to get to this view in the setup process (pretty quick). Or, if you prefer, you can click the “sign in with Google” and let me know the email address on your account. I can change your status out of setup mode on my end which would then allow you to get straight to this view.

For the record, the keyboard is now disappearing when the text input gets blurred.

Don’t know what you did, but keep up the good work :+1: