Trouble setting shape of image

With the implementation of the new theme editor, I am struggling to find a way to make a circular image with the absence of not setting the border radius.

I have tried setting a container around an image and setting the individual corner radius to fully round, and I get the following:

I have also tried the same with just setting the image as the background of the container and setting the corner radius to fully round, and the same thing happens.

I cannot seem to figure this out without being able to set the border radius…

Any thoughts? Any one else run into this problem?

Thank you

When I go to the Style tab on my Image, there is an option to select Custom border, then I can pick ‘Fully Round’


And I can also define individual corners:


Thank you for the reply. I do have the border corner radius set to fully round, however, the picture is not set into a circle, it is more of an oblong circle:

How do you make it a perfect circle? Am I missing something else?

Do you have the Image layout to “Grow to Width”? You should set your image dimensions a fixed pixel size instead (like 100x100 or whatever)

Actually, I think I found it out, I set the size the width and height to exact size and set it to 150 pixels for both:

@JOHN_WORSHAM that was it! Thanks for helping

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