Trouble with barcode scanner


I’m new to this and been working with the barcode scanner in the hopes to have it return results from a custom database via rest API

My database is not ready yet so thought I would try with openfoodfacts to see how the system works

But after scanner a barcode I can’t seem to get it to return any results on the next page. The page opens without error just no results

Any screenshots on how the logic flow may look when done correctly?

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Lee, welcome to the community!

You can access the content of the code from the first output of the “Scan QR/barcode” node. Here’s an example flow:

In this example the value of the barcode is displayed as the message in an alert, but you’ll probably want to use it in a “Get Record” node or save it to e.g. a page variable for subsequent use.


I am trying to read a barcode and display the barcode that is read. But the app is not scanning at all. The camera is getting enabled on tap, but there’s a small spinner at the bottom which keeps spinning but the barcode is not being scanned.

Can you please help me debug this issue?


There is a video on youtube from AppGyver that explains step by step how to create a barcode scanner app that works. I have tried it myself and it works great with world openfoodfacts api.

I have then managed to create a database of my own on firebase which I can successfully open in my app but for some reason I can’t get passed the Get record logic… The scanner successfully scans the barcode but it doesn’t seem to get the data in my api to send it to my data variable.

@Michael_Dumoulin I am really interested. Do you mind sharing the link to that youtube video or it’s title to search? TIA.