Try out PLANET! Built with AppGyver

Hi No-coders!!!

We are PLANET - a gamified social platform that makes sustainable living!

We are really excited to announce that PLANET is now available to download on the iOS App Store (and Google Play Store under review) !!! PLANET is a web app wrapped with AppGyver to utilise the native camera on users’ mobile phones!

Please support us by downloading the PLANET APP from the links below, trying it out and giving us feedback! We are actively developing more features for PLANET and we would love to have more input from our users!

IOS: ‎PLANET.APP on the App Store

Also, if you are a JavaScript game developer and would love to collaborate, please reach out and have a chat with us!

Happy no-coding!!! Thank you very much!



Congrats! I will add this to our master list :grin:

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Sadly the app on play store isn’t available in my country.

It’s not available in mine either (Canada) :frowning:

Hi there!

Could you please check again? We have just released to more countries!

Hi there!

Canada is now one of the avaialble countries!

sorry for the inconevenice!

Not available to Nigeria

hello, could u make a tutorial on how you made the app? or if you have any tips and tricks you would like to share I would be greatfull,

Thank you,

That is my plan! super busy with school at the moment, but will share when I have some free time to do so! you may chuck your questions here if you have any and I will try to answer them here!

How do you get access to the native camera?