Trying to find a way for in app purchase (subscription)

Here’s my plan for a google play subscription (just experimenting, I do not know if this can actually be done with appgyver):

I’m following this video…
In App purchases (Part 1)- Get Merchant ID, Licensing Key and make subscription & product ID - YouTube (granted they’re using Sketchware but seems similar to appgyver)
and then going to use these http requests in appgyver using this API:
REST Resource: purchases.subscriptions  |  Google Play Developer API

When following the video at 3:15 I get this

Instead of this:

Does anyone know how to add billing permissions to the apk?

Today I managed to add google billing permissions to the manifest file of the apk

by decompiling it and then recompiling but then I’d need to sign the APK again. Decompiling apk files is not ideal so I don’t think I’ll be going down this route and I don’t really know what I’m doing lol

@Mari is there a way to manually add this permission in or have it as an option here: