Turning Website into Apps

This platform is excellent coverving all possibilities but still there is possibility for improvement. I was entered into this platform just looking for turning existing websites into apps, but this was not here. I hope near future, same may be included and shall cover the all customers.

Converting an entire website into an app can either happen by just serving the existing website inside the app, which can be done via the WebView component, or then converting the website features manually.

For some specifically structured sites such as WordPress, you could create an import script that reads the site structure and then outputs the same configuration/content/logic expressed in the target platform’s structure, but it’s a pretty epic undertaking to make error-free.

What sort of websites were you looking to convert?

If you are using WordPress, you should be able to build out the app on here and just bring in the content via the WordPress API. Not necessarily a turn-key solution, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.