Tutorial - Let's create a Meeting Rater

Hi there,

I spend a little time playing around with Appgyver and saw several requests for more tutorials and guides.
I’m happy to share my knowledge and created a tutorial on how to create an app with a fully supported REST API server.

I would love to hear your feedback and if it was helpful please share it :grinning:



This is awesome :rocket: :partying_face:!

Very cool, thanks a lot! ^___^

We’ll be sure to check this out and give feedback.

Wow, it has 12 parts :grinning: :star: Very well done!

Thanks a lot for sharing.

What I still find confusing is the file upload logic, and I was a bit bummed out I didn’t see it in this project.

The uploading files tutorial in the docs has some gaps that I would love to see better explained in a video.

Maybe an idea for your next tutorial.

Again thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.

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Yes that is a bigger problem.
The upload-file flow function seems a bit buggy.
I’m thinking in creating a more polished course for udemy.

Would you be interested in Server-Side Programming as well?


Which backend tech are you thinking?

Really great - I’m looking forward to watching all of these :grin:

And this is excellent “hack of the month” material! Would you consider submitting to the August contest? Form to submit: https://forms.gle/M18pbZf2vd5zenKRA

Definitely love to see a Udemy course on AppGyver, your current videos are excellent. Thanks!

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Just finished watching them, really useful and complete info to get started! THANKS!

@o.ezzat thanks very much for dedicating your time to building the tutorial videos.
I just started with this tool and the videos are being very helpful.