Tutorial Problem: Can not poll compass heading on Android

I am following the tutorial video for using the sensor data in formula:

I did the exact same thing as the tutorial, but I can still not poll the compass heading data on my Android.

I found a similar article in the forum:

People say that “sensorVars.compass.latestValue.heading” is an object, I need to add a “degree”, but it still doesn’t work on my android

Do you know where I did wrong possibly?


You’re right, using sensorVars.compass.latestValue.heading or sensorVars.compass.latestValue.heading.degree does not work directly, thanks for reporting, I’ll file a bug ticket about it. However I was able to get it working on Android with the following set up:

I created a page variable compass to store the value, and used Get single compass value to set its value with the following formula: STRING(outputs["Get single compass value"].value.heading.degree) (the formula editor complains but you can ignore that). If you want to keep updating the value, you can add a loop with a short delay. I used the Component tap event for a button, but this can also be used to Page focus event to avoid having to use a button.

It is already half year gone, the bug is still here…

Hi there, I’m going through the tutorial.

  • My page variable Compass is a number
  • I created a new button ‘Get Compass Value’
  • in its logic, I installed from the marketplace ‘get single compass value’
  • and then used the ‘set variable’ block with ‘outputs[“Get single compass value”].value.heading’

It worked just fine :grin: