Two issues with audio playback


the “stop audio playback” flow function does not seem to work both on iOS and Android (tested with 2.5.12 and 2.6.1). Is it working for anyone? I used the same unique ID.
I now created a bug report for this: 2.6.1: stop audio does not work | Voters | AppGyver

Also an improvement suggestion:
If I cache an audio file using the Cache function, you get an “file:///…” url back on Android. Unfortunately, the Audio playback function does not seem to support this kind of local filepath. I had to remove “file://” from the string to make it work.

Hi! Have you been able to solve this or are you still struggling with this? We still have problems with the file urls in some areas and we will look to fixing those once we can, but eliminating that problem the audio flows should work, as far as I know :thinking:

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