Two user flow questions: Input validation & variable navigation

I am trying to create an application that changes user flow based on current selections. Starting on the homepage the user must fill out a questionnaire. How do I:

  1. Verify that inputs were completed correctly before moving on?
  2. Based on the dropdown selection of the last question navigate to one of 5 pages (each destination page is the next set of questions that relates to the users choice)?

I am sorry if these seem like stupid questions. I have watched the tutorials and can’t seem to find these answers.

Thanks in advance.



For validation, you can add multiple chained If condition nodes, so e.g. given inputs that are bound to page variables firstName, lastName, dropdownChoice, you would add If condition flow function that runs IS_EMPTY(pageVars.firstName). This evaluates to true if the input is empty, and false if the user has inputted something.

For the dynamic page, if your dropdown had a structure where label was page name and value was page ID, then you could bind the page to open to a formula.

Now it looks like we don’t have a way to select a “Page ID” type of value, so you have to construct the string manually. The format is page.PageN, where N is the number found in the Composer URL, e.g. 9 in


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