Two variables value set the value of variable 3

Hey Guys

I have two page variable, depending on their value I would like to set a third variable. How would I do that?


if variable1 equals 2
variable2 equals 3
variable3 to a certain value

Thanks for the help

anyone who can help me with this?

Hi @Andreas_Niedermann

Have you found the solution?


Hi @Dan

Thanks for your response. To be honest: Not really. I am trying now a workaround with a combination of flow functions, but so far all had drawbacks. Maybe I am not trying the right angle.

So to be more precise:

there are two columns of buttons

first column
button 1
button 2
button 3

second column
button 4
button 5
button 6

pressing a button sets a variable to 1-6. If for example button 1 and 6 is pushed I need to set a third variable to a certain value.

Thanks for the help

Put ā€˜Receive Eventā€™ nodes on your page layout, and set each to receive ā€˜Page Variable Changedā€™ events for both variable1 and variable2. Use an IF node to check both their values: IF(variable1==2 && variable2==3) then output (from the true output) to a ā€˜Set Page Variableā€™ node where you set veriable3=whatever.

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