Typgraphy using more than one font

Is it possible to use more than one font?
I uploaded two new fonts in Typography tab.
But how do I adjust my theme to use a certain font in all buttons, headers
and another font in all input fields, paragraph text and so on?


It is possible to use more than one font! You can either change the font for each element you have dragged onto the canvas separately, or if you want e.g. all the buttons to use the font, you can change to use that under Theme from the top menu. There under Button there is the $buttonFontFamily, which would correspond to a font.

Just a point that you can’t preview fonts yet, so you would only see the finished result after building your app for distribution. Previewing fonts in our Preview app is coming with our 2.X client runtime, currently in beta.

Yes I read that the preview doesn’t other fonts yet. np.
It does show on your work-in-progress-screen.

On changing the font, this path I figured to be it.
But I get stranded at this screen… there is no option to choose a font.

That is where you choose a theme variable to which a font is bound, so either what you have put to $fontFamilyContent or $fontFamilyHeader. Press the back arrow on the top left corner to find other options.

However, I just noticed there’s no easy way to pick the font here even if you go to set it statically :thinking: So you would have to manually write the correct name for the font into the static text field. You can check the correct way to write the font name from the dropdown available to the $fontFamilyContent theme variable in the meanwhile, until this gets fixed.