Ui bug in appgyver, needs to be looked into

The learning status bar at the bottom of the page has been really bugging me. There should be an option to dismiss it, especially in light of limited real estate space.

I have been trying to add a field on the ‘Title’ part of this Marketplace component, but no matter how many times I drag and drop my chosen field, it just won’t stick because of this stupid bar on top that refuses to go away

You should do the lessons … its not a stupid bar, it has a purpose.

Sorry, it was frustrating. I have done a few youtube lessons to compensate for the lack of going through the official tutorial. Of course, I may need to refer to the official one in the future, but at the moment it is causing a hindrance - isn’t it?

And not as if this is a visual fixation sort of thing where I am losing focus because of it, I am literally unable to set up my app because of it. This deserves the bar being considered a little stupid if not a lot.

The reality though is that any issue that has a reasonable workaround, as is the case here, doesn´t make it onto the roadmap.

Data resource is new, so this issue hasn´t been around a long time.

Greetings. AppGyver also thinks about the user interface, and puts that workout bar when the person starts in the world of application development. But if you don’t want to do the tutorial, you can turn on the “Hide the tutorial bar” option and then turn it off again in case you want to finish the exercises.


My personal favorite on the composer interface is the warning messages that appear over the top of the main menu.


Seriously the tutorial bar should have an option to turn it off. Sometimes we have multiple account as we are doing it for clients. We don’t want to go through the tutorial for every account that we have

Thank you. This helps a lot !!!

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Did you read the reply from @Diagonal_Movil ??? It DOES have an option to turn it off.