UI Custom Appearance

The web app that i must create needs to have the most appealing ui as possible. Is it possible to make web apps with beautiful (custom) layouts and animations like ----> this by using appgyver ?

All layouts are custom here, so that’s no problem. As for animations, we support Lottie animations, for which you can find a component in the marketplace.


Is it possible to use a Lottie animation for the app splash screen - instead of a static image?

If not, can they be used as background animations - say for the home screen? So in this example, the animation would fill the whole screen, and other components or elements (text, buttons, traphics, etc.) would overlay on top of it. Is this possible? Or does the Lottie component only work as a block-level element that stacks with other elements - either above or below them?


Hi! It’s not possible to use a Lottie animation instead of a splashscreen, or not that I know of. You could, however, display a Lottie animation right after a splashscreen, if you want the splashscreen to “start moving”.

I think it might be possible to put the Lottie animation on the background by putting everything else inside a container positioned with Position:absolute and given more Z-index than the Lotte animation is, but I haven’t tried it :thinking:

How to set up my Lottie animation into my Appgyver platform.

Just search Component Marketplace for “lottie”, or use this token: WRWzxgnCJlhsaHwwf97HrA

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