Unable get user name on screen

i am trying to print the current user name but it doesnt refelcting on screen untill click ont the field. i am using firebase as authenticator.

I’m afraid user name is not available as a field in the current user object of the Firebase Auth. To have full control of the user’s fields, I created my own collection called “users” and one of the field is “uid” which is the id of the user in the authentication feature. When I create a user, I first call the REST API of Firebase to create the ath user and then create a new user in my own collection linking the uid field.

actually i am getting the user name on screen but i had to click on the field where i had attached the auth user.is there any possibility to get the user name direclty without clicking on it.

I don’t know what you’re doing exactly, but one way to do this would be creating an app variable to store the date of the logged user. You can populate this app variable during the login process. Then on this other page you bind the text component to the app variable.