Unable to access image files IOS

I am having issues accessing files from the pick image from Library and Take Photo flow functions. I am trying to upload an image to firebase, and I can upload fine when I use the Pick File flow function on IOS. I can use the pick image from library function to upload on web previewer and it works fine, but get an undefined error in the Upload Files to Firebase flow function when I try and get the file from the Take Photo or Pick Image From Library on IOS.

I think the issue is related to file access where the images are stored. the path for the file from Pick Image From Library starts with “file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/A0E715D4-7B88-4A10-80F6-EFC1B03E7AA2/tmp/” in IOS and starts with “blob:https://platform.preview.appgyver.com/” on the web previewer.

I also cannot use the move/rename file/directory flow function when trying to move the image files as it says I don’t have permission and I wonder if this is related. I have the Request Permission? set to true in the Pick image from Library flow function but am never asked

Any idea why this is happening/if this might be a bug? Is there a workaround to upload an image from IOS?

Thanks in advance

I upload images by using the “pick image from library” flow function, then the “convert file to base 64” function, then I save to as a variable and upload it to my backend that way. It works for me (on iOS and android, preview and built app). Try this and see if it works.

Hi Donnico, thanks for the reply! This was our original approach and it worked, but when we included this in our data model and sent a base 64 image for each user to our backend all API calls became very slow. We would prefer to use firebase but this is a good backup. Cheers

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It is a bug and it’s driving me nuts, kinda disappointing a serious no-code tool like appgyver has a deal breaking bug on a feature that should be basic functionality…

Is there a way to bring this to Appgyver’s attention or hear from one of their team? @Alex_Fulop

I created this bug report in the issue tracker right here.

Hopefully we’ll get a word from them, otherwise I’ll contact support via email.