Unable to assign app variables

I am unable to set app variables with output from a get collection node. I dont what i am missing here while everything seems to be fine.
It says incompatible. Below is my logic and the error i encounter.

I want on page mounted, to get a collection of records and save them to app variables.

Regards. Inno

Make sure your App Variable schema matches exactly with the Data schema from your GET config

still nothing…incompatible it says. I have double checked the schema they are all the same…
what else could possibly be wrong? @JOHN_WORSHAM

Why dont you try setting a Data Variable to it instead. And then see if you can set the App Variable = Data Variable

It’s still a schema failing to match problem. It’s happened to me many times. Check the variable types are exactly the same (maybe you have something with multiple types, in which case it needs to match too). Sometimes you can also get confused when you’re expecting a list of objects but you don’t notice and set a variable just to a single object.

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