Unable to build app(android/ios)

1st build- time start: 11-20-2021 8:00 PM
2nd build - time start: 11-21-2021 6:00 AM

image bellow capture today. 11-22-2021 7:49 AM

runtime version: 3.1.8

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+1 - we are stuck at queued as well for several hours now…

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Same here. I had a bug with the previous runtime versions and I’m trying to see if it was fixed, but the building process has been queued for hours!

Morning @Mevi we also have same problem but in website build !! any update? thanks for your time we really apreciete it

Ah. Looking into this now.

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Builds are working now again, please rebuild your app(s) again. Sorry for the downtime and the inconvenience it caused :disappointed:

thanks a lot @Mevi :blush:

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