Unable to change Resource Schema Value Type / Incompatable data

Hello! I am new and trying to learn from the app tutorial videos. but stuck at the first Data resource setup.

My app shows “object” selected under Resource Schema, which causes an error. But the one in the tutorial video does not have “object” defined, Not sure how to solve this. Any help is appreciated.



“incompatible error”

I appreciate your help!


Hi, I thought perhaps I can make my question clear by providing my steps to better explain my problem

Step 1: Add data resources. I picked on-device storage

Step 2: A popup window appears, showing the preselected value type as “object”

Step 3: I try to change the value type via dropdown menu, but there is no other choices.

Step 4: So I go ahead and save it after entering some info and name the data resource “data”.

Step 5: Now I have a data resource “data”

Step 6: I then try to add a data variable

Step 7: after saving the data variable, I went to the home screen and add a input field.

Step 8: Then I try to connect the input field to the new data variable i just made, and get this “incompatible” message, but if you recall, I was not able to change value type “object” to anything else… it was given by the program :frowning:

What did I do wrong? Please please help… I also went to youtube to try to find the answer but was not able to.

Thank you so much.


Any answer would be appreciated. I have the same issue. Cant get the tutorial done due to the “incompatibility error”. Seems the version in the tutorial is not the same I have (online). Menu looks different, no debug option …