Unable to create APK anymore for missing google-service.json

Hi guys,
unfortunately I’ve imported into my project https://platform.appgyver.com/builder/applications/101365 the logic component “get device token” since I had in mind to start to test notifications.
Right now this feature is not anymore my first priority and so I’ve removed the logic but unfortunately in my bundle creation the requested google-service.json remains mandatory and so i cannot create it anymore.
Is there any bug that this feature in bundle creation is added once “get token” is imported and is not removed once the “get token” has been uninstalled?
Or maybe i wrong anything

If you go to the “Installed” tab in your flow function library, click the three dots next to the flow function and click “Uninstall”, the dependency should be removed. Let me know if this works!

Ciao Harri, it didn’t work but I’ve decided to create the google-service.json so now everything is working fine.
Thanks for your tips, always welcomed