Unable to open page in preview

Dear Community Members,

I am trying to preview one of my app pages. But everytime when I try to access it, the preview is routing me back to page 1. Any ideas, what is causing this issue?


Hi, how are you trying to access the other page? Do you have it set up in the navigation on Navigation tab or are you using “Open page” flow?


I tried by accessing the page directly by just changing the number of the link at the end e.g. /page.Page8. And I tried also by accessing the page through the open page flow. Both options redirect me to the first page when trying to access, in my case, page 8.

Hi @Markus_Fischer1, could you post a screenshot of how you’re trying to open the page? I couldn’t get the problem to reproduce by using “Open page”. What’s your app ID (number sequence in project URL)?