Unable to post content on Rest API with Web version

Hi, Im pretty new to AppGyver, and I made an app that’s connected to My Backend API at https://api.newdale.net/economy/(get or post).php . When I use the mobile app i’m able to Post content, but when I use the Web version there is no way of posting content. I don’t know if I did a mistake of if it’s a Bug so that’s why I’m asking. Thanks in advance!

There was another post about the same thing, it might be a bug, can you share some more details and images?

Hi, what type of images do you want? The error message or something else?

the error and your api request logic might help

Sure, here’s what I think you wanted. If it’s not just reply again :smile:

Oh, so the error, is a cors error, thats a problem, from the api and thats why it works only in certain devices.
Unfortunately, i dont know how to solve that

Oooh, ok then. Then i’ll look into a way of making it work! Thanks for your help!

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Quoting the documentation, the issues might be “caused by the configuration of the backend / API system and cannot be resolved from within AppGyver”. So you most likely need to check that you are using the API service correctly.


Hi! If this can help anyone:

I made my api to sync with my mariadb database. The api is running on my webserver. What I did to fix it was to add:

header('Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Content-Type, Authorization, X-Requested-With');

To my post.php headers. (screenshot below)
Hope this helps!