Unable to pull data through from firestore

Hi All.
My first post here so apologies if this is a repeatedly asked question, go gently :slightly_smiling_face:
THis process was all running fine yesterday and today, none of my data will pull through. I have linked my firestore through the connector on appgyver data tab and I have triple checked the ID/input values. I have ensured “initialise firebase” is connected and running on the logic on global canvas.
I have setup the data variable and have followed the video steps in the video tutorial but still cannot get the data to pull through.
Please see the images below.

Hoping for some help!
**If anyone would like to help an NPO with pro bono time, please let me know!

Im not sure what you mean by its not working (is there an error or just no data). I prefer to use the Rest API integration over the connector (personal choice). So I would need to defer to others who know that better.

I have a video on setting up the appgyver api and firebase using the Rest API integration here: How To Use The Appgyver API - How To Set Up Appgyver API With Firebase - YouTube

Does this work for you?

check your firestore rules, writing or reading might be disabled