Unable to Read file

Tracker link: Unable to Read file | Voters | AppGyver

Either there’s a bug or i’m facing some usage issue with the ‘Read File’ flow function.

On android, i’m able to read only image files (.jpg) and not others (like, html, txt).

Is this a known issue with possible workarounds?



I see there’s already some discussion going on in that tracker ticket, I pinged our team to get back to you and continue the investigation.

Hi @Cecilia , thanks for your response.

Although, i’m bummed because the last response in the tracker ticket was a week ago.

Also, what adds to the grievance is that this issue is regarding a bug in a ‘QA passed & production-deployed’ flow function, and it has completely derailed out development cycle.

Yeah I understand the frustration, sorry for the delay in response and production you are facing :disappointed: they should be getting back to you shortly on that tracker ticket and hopefully it will get solved soon.

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Still waiting for that update on the bug tracker :confused:


Sorry for the delays :disappointed: we’re working as fast as we can to respond to tracker tickets. I see the discussion has furthered on the ticket so I suggest you continue there, there’s not much I can do for you here on the forum :confused:


Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, the discussion has not ‘furthered’ at all on the ticket.

I was provided the response that 'there might be an issue with the permission settings" on the 9th Feb and then again, the same response, 3 days ago, by another staff member.

This is rather frustrating and frankly, a bit unprofessional, as the tracker portal and the forum are our primary methods to resolve issues/bugs.


Yes I understand the frustration. But as said, there’s nothing I can do for you on the forum unfortunately as tracker is the primary point of contact for bugs and the forum is more for general questions and guidance for using Composer :disappointed: the only thing I can advise at the moment is to check that rawError as discussed on the tracker ticket, and then get back to Kristian on the ticket. Thank you for your patience and I hope you will get a solution soon.


But the raw error is also just this: something wrong with the permission when accessing the file.

How do you expect one to take Appgyver as a serious production-level platform when this is all the debugging that you can do, in 3 weeks, for a bug in a QA passed component?

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