Unable to use Anroid or Web Preview

I am unable to open any apps under the Android SAP Appguyver Preview or the web preview. They were OK earlier today.

UserID 502929

Try appid 280802


same here. I’m also can’t open any app SAP Preview and Appgyver Preview. Infinite loading.


Dear John and Bruce_Cowan,

I am also facing same issu.

I am unable to open any apps under the Android SAP Appgyver Preview or the web preview.

Application is showing a white blank screen with a spinner, attached is the image for reference.

Web preview|690x279


We are having the same issue even on iOS preview and web preview.

I have the same problem. When I use web preview, I noticed that the Url is " platform.preview.appgyver.com/308831/app1/page.Page2 ". It’s weird as I have not created Page 2 yet. So I changed the URL to “platform.preview.appgyver.com/308831/app1/page.Page1” and I saw Web preview. So this is the reason that I cannot see Android preview or web preview.
I don’t know why it automatically opens Page 2 while my app didn’t have Page 2. I cannot fix this problem. So I created a new one app and it’s ok.

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My web view is not working either, does anyone know how to fix it?