Unable to use Anroid or Web Preview

I am unable to open any apps under the Android SAP Appguyver Preview or the web preview. They were OK earlier today.

UserID 502929

Try appid 280802

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same here. I’m also can’t open any app SAP Preview and Appgyver Preview. Infinite loading.

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Dear John and Bruce_Cowan,

I am also facing same issu.

I am unable to open any apps under the Android SAP Appgyver Preview or the web preview.

Application is showing a white blank screen with a spinner, attached is the image for reference.

Web preview|690x279


We are having the same issue even on iOS preview and web preview.

I have the same problem. When I use web preview, I noticed that the Url is " platform.preview.appgyver.com/308831/app1/page.Page2 ". It’s weird as I have not created Page 2 yet. So I changed the URL to “platform.preview.appgyver.com/308831/app1/page.Page1” and I saw Web preview. So this is the reason that I cannot see Android preview or web preview.
I don’t know why it automatically opens Page 2 while my app didn’t have Page 2. I cannot fix this problem. So I created a new one app and it’s ok.