Undefined Number variables annoyance

I dont know if this is a bug but i’ve run into this a few times, and it is very annoying to deal with.

Number variables that are not defined seem to be considered as “Not A Number”, and not Anything, which causes all calculations to fail (if < than, if > than, if ==, etc…) when used. Furthermore, i’ve discovered the only way to get them to identify as a Numeric variable at this point is by type-casting them with NUMBER(,) just to get them to be zero “0”, so they can be used in mathematical formulas.

I would expect that any unitialized number variable would have a default value of “0”, rather than Undefined or Not A Number, or anything useless. Just my opinion.

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Yes a very valid frustration indeed, we struggle with this ourselves too. There seems to be some kind of initialization issues with number type variables, where when giving a default value to a number it overrides the number type aspect of the variable, just as you described. We’re looking into this and hope to get it fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

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