Unique incremental numbering on forms

Hello, I noticed that you can attach a UUID for each form. Great, but I would like a Identifier like WP-year(for characters)-month(two Characters)-incremental numbers(starting at 00001)
like WP202103-00002
Also would like this resettable back to value 0 for for live testing purposes

Can this be done

Yes, this can be done. :slight_smile:

You need a variable to hold the increasing number at the end, let’s call it nextIdentifier.

Then you can create the identifier string with a formula like this:

"WP" + FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(NOW(), "YYYYMM") + "-" + LEFT_PAD(nextIdentifier, 5, "0")

And after that set nextIdentifier to nextIdentifier + 1 with a Set data variable flow function.

If the identifiers need to be unique globally, you can store the value of nextIdentifier in your backend, in which case no records with the same number get created by different users. You can reset the value back to 0 with the same logic as you use to increase it.