Unknown build error on iOS

I made a couple of tiny tweaks to my app, and now it will no long build for iOS, giving the dreaded “Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.” Android builds still work. Can someone let me know what the actual issue is? None of the build config info has changed.

App 169788.


It is the same to me inclusive with android. I have not made big changes in my app and:

iOS Mobile/Tablet: Version: 2.6.3
Status: error. Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

Android Mobile/Tablet: Version: 2.6.3
Status: error. Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

I have the same error.

Is someone looking into this? Anyone is able to build their app?

Hi all,

thanks for reporting this, we’re looking into it and will get back to you when we find what’s going on!

Hi all - same for me on a build for the web - tiny change - literally 1 thing and now unknown error.


Same error here, 2 days ago it was ok, just made a minor change.
i noticed that before the issue come up that i had a badge for an update, which i installed (cant remember the version but was not frmo an additional component)

EDIT: could be this?

Runtime release 2.6.5 (2021-04-28) @Cecilia

Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.

Any updates yet on this matter?

Could the problem be that you can only build with 2.6.3 (old version) instead of 2.6.5 (latest version)

Any news? The builder is still broken. It also doesn’t work with older versions (2.5.12)

Me too. Whether it be for Android, or website, all builds are failing

I need to release an update for my app. Hope this issue will be solved soon.

In the 4 weeks I have been using appgyver, the build service has been working properly for only a couple of times when I needed it.

Really starting to doubt my choice to invest time and effort into the appgyver platform. Now I have my app live and need to do some updates it’s even more frustrating.

I get that it is free and you cannot expect much, but if the appgyver team wants to grow their audience and interested devs community, they will really need to work on communication and a serious way to escalate critical bugs like this.

Also rather weird we don’t get any updates on the matter if it’s been reported on the forum more than 2 days ago. I see lots of users creating the same topic now, must be frustrating for appgyver as well. Also, we only see the reports from the devs that are seriously pouring time and effort into your platform, probably the rest won’t even bother and a large part will stop developing on appgyver.

Curious to know what the appgyver team thinks of this. Also keen to know if and how they plan on improving the whole situation. If money is an objection, I suggest paid plans so you can hire more devs or support and at least prioritise tickets from non-hobby devs.

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My builds are also failing now on Android and iOS…

Hi, everyone!

The resolution for this issue is in progress. It has been a bit tricky identify and fix as it was caused by a dependency outside of our control.
There will be a post notifying everyone once the issue has been resolved, along with some further details.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi Akseli,

can you do a post on this because there are so many threads on this and it’s a waste of time to search the forum for all the posts on this to find the one that has the answer.


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