Unknown error, contact support for more details on Android package

Ok in the mentime I up with similiar idea like JP_van_der_Merwe, and i created new empty app, just a simple paragraph of text and I try to use my keystore. Result is that same - unknown error.

Now, that still not provin the problem is in ours keystores. Maybe just all system is broken now and its not our foult at all.

Update: Thanks Izzuddin_Yussof, that what I was thinking right now.

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Well then I guess that solves our problem! Thank you everybody, I guess we’ll just wait for an update from AppGyver. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your response.

@jakubus, @Izzuddin_Yussof , it is so weirdly comforting to know that we are not alone on this. I will follow your advice and wait for two-three days before building again.

I also have the same problem and some days any .keystore file is never good (I use “keystore explorer”, it’s free and until a few days ago it always worked well for the appgyver build.
Let’s wait together for the appgyver staff to communicate something to us.
It would be a good thing for the AppGyver staff to make a video, where they show all the steps. In particular the steps after, when you load the APK on the goggle Play Console and it replies that the “signature is not valid”. Then I can’t go on anymore and I don’t know what to do.

Peace to APPGYVER and everyone

Indeed. Is there any way we can request from the AppGyver staff to make such a video? Maybe after they determine what is currently wrong with the build system.

Yes, that is all we can currently do. Thank you everyone.

Same here with android build. Wait for appy gyvers response. Thanks.

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Hey guys ! Now BUILD works !
Now BUILD works
I load APK on goggle play console and it tells me that the signature is not valid.
Which .keystore file do I need to upload to have APK that works? . The “first” “historical” .keystore file or the last one I made today?
A little help?

I have no idea. I have never uploaded an APK to the Play Store. Should we try to ask support?

Indead its works now. Sad that we not have any replay form devs or “support”.
BTW my observation: my apk file have 63 MB and my app is only one page with few buttons linking to difrent websites and small image on top (logo). So why 63 MB i wander…
I will report progress when i try to upload it on Google Play.

Great! Can also confirm that build is working again. Good luck @claudio_radaelli keep us updated! :wink:

Also good luck @jakubus let us know if you make any progress!

hey guys
I found, reopened all .keystore files and saw the signature code.
I uploaded the APK file and google play console says that the APK file is not valid because it is signed with SHA1 10: 0F: etc etc, instead of SHA1 FD: 8F etc etc
So I take the right .keystore file and configure it in appgyver COMPOSER PRO, I do BUILD and in 10 minutes I have the new APK file.
I load the new APK file in google play console and it tells me it is the file is invalid because it has SHA1 signature 10: 0F: etc. instead of FD: 8F etc. etc.

I try again 2 times and the google message is always the same.
What I do ?
A little help?

I understand this is meybe not entire problem of AppGyver guys (problems with ours ability to pubblish app on Play Store) but will be cool to have good tutorial about it explaining topics relatied specyfic to AppGyver configuration.

claudio_radaelli - when i add my apk file to PlayStore as a test version - Play Store created for me some automatic singature or something like that. I was under impresion like it replace all keystone in app. Not sure its that true but not ask me of anny data from keystore. Im doing this first time so im not havin any point of reference its that normal and right way to do it.

But i have anather problem and i describe it in anather topic on the forum here:

Will be cool if you guys look at it ( JP_van_der_Merwe ) and share youre experience with this when You pubblishing yours apps.

Great news!

My app was built successfully too

I opened KEYSTORE EXPLORER software (it’s free).
I uploaded the “first” APK file, changed the format to MD5, instead of SHA1, saved with the same name, and uploaded to APPGYVER CONFIGURE and clicked BUILD
I received new APK file, which I uploaded to Google Play Console, and this was accepted

I want just let you know that my app works now on google store. its all fine. :slight_smile:

Is this problem back? I am unable to build on Android. It has been failing for 2 days now. I am a total newbie at this but i have followed everyone’ steps and advice and done exactly the same with no success. I receive no emails of any kind letting me know it fails or about the error. Any advice would be appreciated!


Thanks for pointing out the JDK link issue. It seems Oracle has moved JDK 15 behind a signup unfortunately. The link is now updated.

For anyone encountering errors, if you’re not generating the keystore with JDK15, it is worth trying as a fix.

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This fixed it for me. It was basically JDK 15 that made it work although they still have it behind a signup and i had to find it elsewhere. I actually found that a program called keystore explorer was far better and much more straightforward as doing it through my CMD kept on giving me an error when trying to upload to google play. It was saying how the validity was not far enough in the future and although i was using the “validity 10000” command it was still defaulting to only 90 days but keystore explorer fixed everything!

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