Unknown error when building for iOS

Hi! I sent this to contact@appgyver.com, but I haven’t heard back. It occurred to me that maybe I should have shared it here instead, so here goes!

I am trying to build my first iOS app, and it gave me an unknown error and said I should reach out to you guys.

You’ll notice we have a number of previous errors related to our certificate being configured incorrectly. We were trying a new (hopefully correctly configured) certificate when we got this error.

Hoping you can help!


App #98690

Posting the solution for anyone else who encounters this issue:

the real error is at the end of the log:

Provisioning profile “Gomigo App Distribution Profile” doesn’t include signing certificate "iPhone Distribution: {It listed the company name & ID}. (in target ‘RNVApp’ from project ‘RNVApp’)

The steps need to be done in the order:

  1. Create iPhone Distribution certificate and export it as a P12 file from Keychain access with the private key included
  2. Create/update a provisioning profile, making sure it uses the certificate you created/are using

I made the correction and submitted the build and it worked

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