Unknown error when building for iOS

Hi! I sent this to contact@appgyver.com, but I haven’t heard back. It occurred to me that maybe I should have shared it here instead, so here goes!

I am trying to build my first iOS app, and it gave me an unknown error and said I should reach out to you guys.

You’ll notice we have a number of previous errors related to our certificate being configured incorrectly. We were trying a new (hopefully correctly configured) certificate when we got this error.

Hoping you can help!


App #98690

Posting the solution for anyone else who encounters this issue:

the real error is at the end of the log:

Provisioning profile “Gomigo App Distribution Profile” doesn’t include signing certificate "iPhone Distribution: {It listed the company name & ID}. (in target ‘RNVApp’ from project ‘RNVApp’)

The steps need to be done in the order:

  1. Create iPhone Distribution certificate and export it as a P12 file from Keychain access with the private key included
  2. Create/update a provisioning profile, making sure it uses the certificate you created/are using

I made the correction and submitted the build and it worked


Hello Erin sorry to bother you,
my attempts of creating an iOS build are affected by the same unknown error so after I read your solution I tried to replicate it following the steps in these two articles

But I keep on getting the same error and I can’t understand the reason. Also I’m not receiving the log so I really can’t see the problem.

Can you please tell me if there is another step (other than selecting the distribution certificate when I create the provisioning file) that is missing in these guides?

Many thanks!

@Massimo_Barreca , oof, I don’t envy you.

The only thing that comes to mind is that it matters in what order you create your different files (because–if I understood correctly–one is “inside” the other, but it doesn’t force you to do it that way (I don’t know if “inside” is the right way to say it, but that’s how I picture it in my mind)).

I would think it would be worth finding an iOS developer on Upwork and paying them for 1 hour of their time to help you set up your Apple Developer account. Also, the Apple Developer support is actually pretty responsive. If you haven’t yet, submit a ticket to them and they’ll call you back:

https://developer.apple.com/support/ (Scroll down to where it says to contact customer support.)

Hello @Erin_Wagner, thank you for the reply!
After many attempts I think I will follow your suggestion and I’ll search for an iOS developer.

Many thanks for your time!
Have a nice weekend