Unresponsive Dropdown Fields

This seems crazy but I have several dropdown fields that are suddenly very unresponsive on my phone in testing environment = 2.5.10

They eventually work, but I am hitting them 7 or 8 times for the dropdown selection to appear…it is very odd. They were absolutely fine a few days ago.

I haven’t made many changes to the app recently, except for experimenting with the navigation header bar and navigation menu…and a few other things on pages that do not have dropdowns.

Is there anything you are aware of that could have caused this? The only thing I can think of is to make them larger, but as mentioned, they were fine…

Edit - I have made the buttons wider and they are responding now, but I stand by my earlier post, something whacky happened to them!!!

Posting here to follow this post. I have checkboxes that suddenly aren’t responding in built files for web apps viewed on mobile. I tried both 2.4.35 and 2.5.10, both iOS and Android (again, web apps, not native). They work fine on desktop web apps.

@Paul_Mc , looks like someone already posted a potential solution for both your dropdowns and my checkboxes:

There’s an update to the Primitives.

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Thanks Erin

My dropdowns are working again, and I thought it was because I had made them bigger yesterday!! But it is more likely because I installed the updates (which I don’t recall doing recently but I must have…).

Completely confused as I am not using the PRIMITIVE dropdown, but the FORM dropdown field…and the last time that was updated was 2019.

Who knows, but I guess this is solved!??!?!