Unsure how to edit forum account email

I’m probably missing something obvious, but when I go into my Appgyver forum account preferences, under the “Email” header there’s a message:

Email can be updated from authentication provider. Never shown to the public.

I’m not sure what this “authentication provider” is. Does anybody have any guidance? I will lose access to my current email this Friday, so it is somewhat urgent.

Thank you!

Hi @Aidan_Jones, your forum account is linked to your AppGyver account. You can change the email associated with your AppGyver account in the settings at https://accounts.appgyver.com/users/edit

Thank you, @Mari! I think the forum account being linked to the AppGyver account should be mentioned in that message so others don’t become lost like me.

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Good suggestion, I’ll see if that text is customizable. :slight_smile:

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@Mari I changed my email on accounts.appgyver.com a while back, but it still hasn’t reflected in the forum preferences. I also received a forum email to the previous address a couple weeks ago after I changed it so it still appears it’s linked. I had a longer grace period than I thought with my old address, but will officially be losing access to it today.

Hi Aidan, I’m not sure how I can help – I just created a fresh AppGyver account, changed the email from Composer, and it reflected in the forum settings within minutes :confused: maybe try to switch it again?

Tried to switch it again and still hasn’t updated. So there’s no way for anybody to change it manually?

Hi, unfortunately not – I’m an admin user but don’t have any options to edit your email in your profile.