Unusual apk build size

My app consist of only 5 pages.
My assets are around 5 MB and all the data is being pulled from airtable.
Icons and SplashScreen are not configured.
Generated an apk with 3.4.5 and the resulting size is 184 MB.
Installed, the size goes up to 275 MB as shown on my device.
I’m pretty sure that Google will downsize and strip the code, but my question is: is this normal? Is this the only way we can get apk’s?

P.S I have other apps with 30+ screens and a lot more assets and their size never goes above 100MB.


Please see this thread, I’ll be answering there once I get an answer.

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Thanks Mevi :slight_smile:
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@Edvin_Rushitaj what’s your app ID?

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Hi Mari, app id 351010.
Let me know if you find anything.
I exported another apk today still with the same size.

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@Mevi @Mari
So I decompressed the apk and out of 205MB, 174MB are from a folder called lib (which I assume are the libraries).
Therefore my question is: assuming all these files are needed for different devices and os versions, does playstore reduces file size according to the device that’s downloading the apk? (read somewhere that playstore is ‘intelligent’ enough to serve apk’s with only the needed code for your specific device).