Unusual Bug with new Builds

I have a bug that only occurs in the binary build (on both android and ios), and does not appear at all in the test environment.

This app has a login screen where the user enters a login key and presses the Login button. The button gets disabled so it cant be pressed again, then it reads records from an airtable database to match the key for authentication. If it finds a matching key then the Main screen is opened.

What is happening (on the final binary build version) is the app is getting “stuck”, waiting on something, before proceeding to either the Main page or displaying a login error.

Initial login screen:

After pressing ‘Login’ (it gets stuck on this screen):

Now this is the really weird part - ANY INTERACTION with the entire screen, by tapping anywhere on the screen (not just the Login Button itself) will un-stick the process and allow the login process to complete.

I cannot debug this because I cannot reproduce this occuring in the test environment. It only occurs when running the binary builds.

APP ID is: 204310
Download Android Binary on Play Store
Download iOS Binary on App Store

If you run this app to test use Test Login Key: 00000000

PLEASE help me figure this out.

I have determined that the code is stalling inside a Get Record Collection function. It appears to be entering the function but not exiting until i tap the screen. This is very bizarre behavior.

I dont know what to do, it seems like the execution thread is going to sleep inside that function call and it takes a screen tap to wake it up :confounded:

This is a pain in the ass of a bug regarding react native and fetch that’s been around for a while now and we’ve seen it I think 3 times through forums or our apps. I saw someone “fix” it in another app by forcing the app to re-render the screen during the issue (by using invisible toasts :sweat_smile:).

We would be happy if you could apply for the new runtime beta with this app so we could verify it doesn’t exist there or squash it for good.

Apply for the beta here

I was actually considering trying some outside the box hack to try to trigger a tap event. I tried displaying Toasts as well but that didnt help. What i might try is moving those Get Record Collection calls out of the Button Tap event and handle them on Page Mount instead.

But Yes would love to join the Beta :+1:

So moving the Get Record Collection logic out of the Button Tap event fixed the problem; those fetch record calls now happen in the Page Mount data variable initialization area (where i should have left it to begin with).

I guess something about the Button event space provides a glitchy environment for fetch processes to operate in. I dont know. Im just happy i found a solution :smiley:

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