Unusual results from COUNT() formula

If a user is missing some data (in this case, a list of groups they’re a member of (“MyGroups”)), I want to show them a message telling them to go complete it.

The debugger shows that this user is missing this data:

I put the formula COUNT(data.MyGroups) into an alert and it returned 0.

But when I use an IF condition COUNT(data.MyGroups)==0, it continues as though that’s false. It also returns false for COUNT(data.MyGroups)<=0, COUNT(data.MyGroups)!=0 and COUNT(data.MyGroups)===0.


App # 98690
Page: My Plans
Page logic

Try IS_EMPTY(data.myGroups) or COUNT(IF(!!data.myGroups, data.myGroups, [])) == 0 if you feel like counting.
It’s because of myGroups passing undefined when there’s no data. The data gets populated before you look at debugger so it looks like valid [] (race to get the data before code execution).

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Anyhow might be a more robust idea to directly bind the components visibility property to the formula rather than programmatically show or hide it.

And rather use IS_EMPTY formula, which handles correctly even if it’s undefined

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@Sasu_Makinen, thanks for helping me better understand the race error. Now I know how to check for that more accurately.

I ended up putting a GET records step into the flow and referencing that rather than the data variable to ensure that everything happened in the right order. It worked :slight_smile: