Update data collection

Dear community,

I am just starting with appgyver and I don’t really have any dev background, I am sure my issue is simple but I am struggling with it.

I would like to update a collection scheme when creating a new record from another collection.

My exemple :

Collection :

  • reading list : list_name; list_id
  • book : book_title, book_author, book_id

Workflow :

  • I have a book lists page
    —> user can create a new reading list clicking on icone —> new page “add a reading list” to create a record with name list and list ID
  • once created the book lists page is updated with the list of reading list.
  • I have set a page parameter with list ID to go to reading list page
  • if you click on “reading list A” it open the reading list page with on top “reading list A” as a title and the book collection as repeatable list

All of this works well. What I am struggling with is to filter the book collection of the list page to only get book added to a specific list. One book can be added to several book lists.

What I did for now :

  • on book_list page, user can open a “add_book_to_reading_list” page
  • on this page, the book collection is displayed with checkbox for each book.

goal :
—> have the user to check or uncheck box for each book.
—> when going back to book_list page “reading list A”, book collection will only show books that are checked for this specific list.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I hope it is clear. :blush: